Diplomatic Security Service Seal STL File


This Diplomatic Security Service Seal was created using Aspire by Vectric and comes in a zip file containing the following formats: 3dclip, stl, and grayscale height map.


**This item is a digital file (not physical) that is used for CNC Router Engraving or 3D Printing.


You will recieve download link after payment is made.

  • File License

    These models are provided for the purposes of carving individual items on a CNC machine or printing individual items on a 3d printer.  You may carve or print as many of each emblem you purchase as you like, and keep, sell, or give away the end product at your discretion.  You may not use these models to create molds.  You may not re-sell these digital models.  You may not share or distribute these digital models in any way.  You may not include these digital models or any part of these digital models in any digital product.

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