"Vintage" Lighted Cabinet (Part 2)

Hello again, here's the second update on the "Vintage" Lighted Cabinet. I have now installed the trimming, the back bead-board, built and installed the drawers, sanded and painted the whole thing. Here are some pictures of the progress so far...

If you missed the first part of this build you can view it here to get caught up.

I drilled the adjustable shelf peg holes by using a jig that I made. The holes are 2" apart from each other at a depth of 1/4" (according to the manufacturer).

Here is the trimming along the top and bottom. I believe it was $1.90 a foot from home depot. (So far, other than the window) this is the only money I have put into this build.

I then built the drawers and installed the hardware. I also had to add supports for the drawer glides onto the cabinet. The glides were a little over $2.00 / pair. 

The drawer handles are left over from an order I had placed from a previous build.

Now I put in the bead-board. It was $15.95 / pack, which was enough to cover an area 26" wide by 92" tall (ball parking on that, don't remember the exact size. It was enough to cover this with quite a bit left over)

 And for the painting...

 I first sanded the entire piece and then painted a wash of white with a pink hue to match the underlying color of the window. After that dried I painted over the entire cabinet with flat white.

Pink Bottom Coat
Flat White
Flat White
Flat White
Once the white was dry I added dark wood stain in all the crevices and places that would receive the most wear and abuse over time.

Dark 'wear and tear'
 And there it stands. I will be sanding down and adding more wear. I have ordered shelves and the light. I am also looking for the right hinges to go with the look. I'll have my next update once all that is completed. I really think you're going to like this one.

*UPDATE* you can see the finished piece here.


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