"Vintage" Lighted Cabinet (Part 1)

Hey guys, how are things? So I wanted to catch you up on what's going on around the shop right now. I had written my last post about brainstorming my next build. I've started on the cabinet and will show you where I'm at right now. This is going to be a window door cabinet that is lighted from the inside.

 Me and the misses made a trip over to the local Antique Shop and found this window for sale for $35. Check out the hardware that was on it.

Awesome right? As you can tell from the images, I left it all on there, have to right? So I built a frame around the window with the intention of having two pull drawers at the bottom and having the area behind the window set up for adjustable shelves. I have used spare wood that was laying around for the build so far.

The following images show some of the framing. Some of the braces you'll see are temporary and used to hold the boards together until the glue dried and I put in the permanent frame.

Here is the inside with the temporary supports taken out and plywood inserted.

So that's where it stands right now. I will be painting and "antiquing" it to match the window. I'll also drill the holes for the adjustable shelves, install the hardware, procure glass shelves, install lighting and a few other things. Standby for that. I think this will be one of my best! 

So what do you think so far?


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