Painted Christmas Sign

Hello again, I told you I'd be back. Here's another simple Christmas Decoration for your viewing and crafting pleasure. I wanted to make a Christmas sign, and after browsing around the internet for some inspiration I came across this:

Inspiration from Online

The saying is from, as you know, Home Alone. Me and the wife thought it was funny and looks great. On to the build!

I started by sketching up the letters in Photoshop. We also wanted to add a little something to it. I went with a moose and some trees for the footer.

Put all of this together in Photoshop and then sent it over to a program called 'Inkscape' which converts black and white JPEGs into SVG files for the Sizzix program I have for the eClips paper cutter.

Converting to SVG in Inkscape
After creating the SVG file I opened it up in eCal - the program that exports images to the Sizzix eClips for cutting. I then re-sized the image to fit the board I was going to paint.

Pictured opened up in eCal software

 This is a quick video of printing on the eClipse from eCal. Below this is a view of my set-up in the office.

My Office
 After cutting out the stencil onto vinyl, I transferred the image, using transfer paper, to the board for painting. I painted the board white before stenciling and let dry.

Sign plank before painting
Cut out from eClipse
Vinyl applied to the board
After applying the vinyl and removing the transfer paper I used Acrylic red and green to paint the letters and image.

Once the paint dried and I removed the Vinyl I lightly sanded the sign and applied Antique Glaze to give it an old slightly worn look.

Sign Painted

Sanded and Antique Glaze applied
And here it is! The finished sign hanging on the wall. Tell me what you think. This project is a little more difficult just because i used the eClipse which costs a pretty penny and not everyone has one laying around. Other than that, just create a stencil and break out the paints. Until next time -


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